What is Go-Fooders?

Go-Fooders is a news website that aims at covering and providing insightful information and best practices, primarily, about organisations – social enterprises, NGOs, international organisations, private companies, public institutions – actively working in the area of food loss and food waste reduction and, secondarily, about organisations specialised in the areas of food sovereignty and sustainable food production.

The term go-fooder is the product of the combination of the words “go-getter”, attributed to ambitious, hard-working and enthusiastic individuals, and “food”, the central subject to all the organisations featured on this website. Go-fooders are energetic and determined people that set out to tackle the most prominent issues in the food system, either as self-starters or within an already existing organisation, at the local, regional and/or global level/s.

It is an important purpose of this website to shed light on them and to nurture their ideas. They come from a wide spectrum of personal and professional backgrounds. They can be knowledgeable and experienced in one or various areas of food-related issues and/or in social entrepreneurship, business development. They can also be strongly passionate about a certain area of focus and invest all their time, energy and resources in either a radical career change or in developing and leading a project for their employer´s. But whether or not any of them consider themselves social entrepreneurs, shapers or game changers they all do respond to a similar profile. They see a problem and look for a way to solve it successfully. Their achievements, that set new precedents and create valuable standards, will result in a much more resilient, more equitable and fairer food system.

This idea of identifying outstanding individuals and supporting their work was taken out of David Bornstein´s book “How to change the world. Social entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas”. Here is the pertinent excerpt:

“At some moment in their time, social entrepreneurs get into their heads that is up to them to solve a particular problem. Usually something has been brewing inside for a long time, and at a particular moment in time – often triggered by an event – personal preparedness, social need, and historical opportunity converge and the person takes decisive action. […] Although it is probably impossible to fully explain why people become social entrepreneurs, it is certainly possible to identify them. And society stands to benefit by finding these people, encouraging them, and helping them to do what they need to do.”

IMAGE: Daybreak at the field. FreeImages.com Content License. /Wojciech Wolak